025 Motorsports

Paul and Gil discuss the differences in motorsports and drift into talking about Tesla.

024 The Future of Deep Fakes & CTRL-labs

Paul and Gil return with a new shorter but more frequent format. The aim is for each episode to be about half an hour long and centered around one topic, though tangents are bound to happen.

In this episode, Paul and Gil discuss podcast tools and segway into the future of deep fakes and the possibilities enabled by CTRL-labs' neural interface technology.

023 Autonomy Day

Paul and Gil discuss about Crypto, Apple, and Tesla.

022 Skateboarding In An Embassy

Paul and Gil discuss Pauls new iPad that he's going to return and our new career in solving mysteries.

021 Too Far Gone

Paul and Gil discuss Whiskey, horses, and time.

020 The Atomic Bomb & Spirit Airlines

Paul and Gil discuss Apple hardware, goal setting and tracking, military logistics, and the inescapable existence of the atomic bomb and Spirit Airlines.

019 Complain and Praise

Paul and Gil complain about Apple and Gil's failed secret mission and praise email clients and YouTube channels.

018 Reflections

Paul and Gil reflect on iOS 12, SpaceX plans for an art-driven Moon mission, and the loss of the Astro mail client.

017 Whisked Away

Paul and Gil discuss home screens, Elon Musk, and AI.

016 Return to Rajapur

Paul and Gil discuss the nuances of Reddit, the wonderful world of watches, and the elusive lost films that really shouldn't be that hard to find.

015 Paul Designs Flags

Paul and Gil discuss the adventures of Gil's home screen, augmented reality, and flags.

014 A Traumatic Experience

The guys are joined by Craig to discuss the platonic ideal of the perfect homescreen, the latest news in Reddit and Gmail redesigns, and the time-honored topic of horology.

013 The Great Shark Heist

Paul and Gil discuss wanting hidden power user features, Twitter, reddit, and a stolen shark.

012 The Absurdity of the Universe

Paul and Gil start off by talking about drinks, Logic, and a new way to use the Apple Watch then end on the feasibility of artificial superintelligence and a Hulu ad conspiracy.

011 Follow Up Episode 3000

Paul and Gil discuss their recent adventures, flags, and Reddit.

Gil here, sorry I could not find the "Blaze" calling app. Sooo, there is no link in the show notes after all.

Hi Gil! Paul here. Don't know where I got Blaze but my girlfriend looked at her old emails and it was actually called Curse before being bought by Twitch.

010 High Crime

Paul and Gil discuss audio editors, the AI-box experiment, and high crime.

009 The Last WWDC Podcast

008 Seattle & StartupBus

007 Do You Trust This Computer

006 Circle of Trust

Paul and Gil discuss Circle of Trust.

(Reddit does actually support video upload now and we didn't realize it)

005 Apple Education Event

Paul and Gil talk about the Apple Education event and Gil attempts to pronounce "crayon".

004 The Big Five

Paul and Gil discuss email, Elon Musk, FaceID and the big 5 tech companies.

003 Apps & Home Screens

002 Reddit, Pokemon, Cryptocurrency

001 Chat Platforms

Paul and Gil talk about Slack, Discord, Telegram, and other chat platforms.

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